The James Lepock Memorial Student Symposium, Toronto, Ontario June 6, 2017

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The James Lepock Memorial Student Symposium is an important event, which commemorates the significant contributions of Dr. James Lepock, former chair of the Department of Medical Biophysics (MBP), to research at the department. The JLM Symposium is a day-long event, which provides an opportunity for MBP students to present their research in a conference setting. The JLM Symposium is a student-led initiative, which fosters scientific debate across disciplines, research streams and institutes. This year, the JLM Symposium was co-organized by Diana Resetca and Joseph Longo with the help of the members of the Penn Lab. The event featured keynote addresses from an internal speaker, Dr. Mark Henkelman (SickKids), with a presentation on MRI-based imaging techniques, and an external speaker, Dr. Michel Sadelain (MSKCC), with a presentation on the implementation of CAR-T cells in immuno-oncology.