Penn Lab’s Participation in the EACR 2024 Congress: Innovative Cancer Science

Dr. Diandra Zipinotti dos Santos, a postdoc in Dr. Linda Penn’s Lab at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, recently had the esteemed opportunity to participate in the prestigious EACR 2024 conference. Held from June 10-13, 2024, in the vibrant city of Rotterdam, Netherlands, this event is renowned as one of the most significant gatherings in the field of cancer research. It is ¬†dedicated to basic, preclinical and translational cancer research across a wide breadth of topics.

Diandra’s current research focuses on how statin drugs, which target the metabolic mevalonate pathway, can enhance prostate cancer treatment. At the conference, she presented her abstract on exploring the potential of certain compounds to improve the effectiveness of statin therapy for prostate cancer. These compounds, when combined with statins, show promise in enhancing cancer cell death and slowing tumor growth. The findings suggest that these combinations could be valuable in treating advanced prostate cancer.

Dr. Diandra Zipinotti receives her Award Certificate from Rene Bernards, Past President of EACR.

In recognition of her work, Diandra was awarded a prestigious travel grant to attend the EACR 2024 conference. This generous grant provided essential financial support, enabling her to fully participate in the congress and engage with the global scientific community.

The conference attracted over  attendees from all over the world. A diverse crowd of leading scientists, clinical researchers, and healthcare professionals convened to explore and discuss the latest advancements and innovations in cancer research and treatment.